Michael Mayes

Chairman of the North American Wood Ape Conservancy, Author, Researcher, and Blogger


Welcome to my official website. It is a site that I resisted creating for some time. After all, who was I that anyone would want to visit a website detailing my activities and writing? It just seemed to be the height of arrogance to think anything I might say, do, or write would be worthy of such a thing.

Time has shown me, however, that not only was such thinking self-defeating, it was flat out wrong. I found the information I was trying to disseminate was being spread across too many platforms; I needed a central location where articles, news, blog posts, book information, etc. could all be found. Thus, I finally broke down and created this website.

I have done the work on the site myself and am actually very pleased with the result. It is, however, a work in progress. I will be adding features and pages in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you come across any glitches or feel something should be added as I value your opinions. In the meantime, know I have done my very best to put an attractive and robust website together for your enjoyment.

However you found your way here, I hope you will stay a while and explore; moreover, I hope you will check back often for updates on news items, personal appearances, and book information. Regardless of how long you stay, I am glad you dropped by. Until next time...

Michael C. Mayes

News and Schedule of Events (2019-20)

A free digital copy of Hypnos Magazine is now available for FREE. A ghost story I wrote a while back is featured. This is the first work of fiction I have sold. Get your free copy here.

Check the blog for the latest entry in my Sasquatch Classics Series: The LeFlore County Bigfoot War.

Check out the latest episdoe of the NAWAC's "Apes Among Us" podcast. I appear and discuss the group's latest camera-trapping experiment. Listen here.

Blog updated: 7/21/20: Sightings of large, long-tailed, black cats continue to be reported. Visit the blog to read the reports of witnesses who claim to have seen these shadow cats. Previously Unpublished Black Panther Sightings.

Blog updated 7/4/20: 51 years ago six-year-old Dennis Martin disappeared without a trace in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. What happened to Dennis Martin?

My interview with Dave Scott of Spaced Out Radio is now up and available. Listen at https://youtu.be/o0VJjy7uQEo.

The new episode of the NAWAC podcast "Apes Among Us" has dropped. I am involved in two of the episode's segments. Check it out at here.

Check out the new YouTube feature by Candy Michlosky. She narrates a piece I wrote titled "Murder and Mayhem in Portlock, Alaska." I think it came out great!