An in-depth examination of the black panther phenomenon in the United States. Join Mayes as he examined historical sightings, interviews contemporary witnesses and big cat experts, sorts through a host of intriguing photographs, and takes a close look at the potential suspects in one of America's most enduring mysteries. What are the shadow cats that haunt the woods, bottomlands, and waterways of our country? What are the black panthers of North America?

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"Mayes brings a refreshingly scientific and analytical perspective to the gathering of extensive data and the assessment of large black cat sightings...this book will be of interest to academic zoologists as well as their cousins in cryptozoology." - Angelo Capparella, Ph.D., Illinois State University

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On October 20, 1967, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin filmed what they claimed was a living, breathing sasquatch at Bluff Creek in Northern California. The footage took the nation, and the world, by storm. The story of how Patterson and Gimlin came to be at Bluff Creek that day is well documented. The story of how the female sasquatch, nicknamed "Patty" in tribute to Roger Patterson, came to be there, however, has never been told. Until now...

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" Imaginative, creative, illustrative, vivid, beautiful, are some of the adjectives that come to mind. Excellent piece of work!" - Glynn Christian