Michael Mayes

Chairman of the North American Wood Ape Conservancy, Author, Researcher, and Blogger


Welcome to my official website. It is a site that I resisted creating for some time. After all, who was I that anyone would want to visit a website detailing my activities and writing? It just seemed to be the height of arrogance to think anything I might say, do, or write would be worthy of such a thing.

Time has shown me, however, that not only was such thinking self-defeating, it was flat out wrong. I found the information I was trying to disseminate was being spread across too many platforms; I needed a central location where articles, news, blog posts, book information, etc. could all be found. Thus, I finally broke down and created this website.

I have done the work on the site myself and am actually very pleased with the result. It is, however, a work in progress. I will be adding features and pages in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you come across any glitches or feel something should be added as I value your opinions. In the meantime, know I have done my very best to put an attractive and robust website together for your enjoyment.

However you found your way here, I hope you will stay a while and explore; moreover, I hope you will check back often for updates on news items, personal appearances, and book information. Regardless of how long you stay, I am glad you dropped by. Until next time...

Michael C. Mayes

News and Schedule of Events (2019-20)

Blog updated 7/4/20: 51 years ago six-year-old Dennis Martin disappeared without a trace in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. What happened to Dennis Martin?

My interview with Dave Scott of Spaced Out Radio is now up and available. Listen at https://youtu.be/o0VJjy7uQEo

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The new episode of the NAWAC podcast "Apes Among Us" has dropped. I am involved in two of the episode's segments. Check it out at here

Blog updated 8/21/19: Check out the latest article in my "Sasquatch FAQ Series." The question this time? Do wood apes avoid game cameras?

My latest interview with J.V. Johnson of the "Beyond Reality Radio" program is now available. Listen at http://beyondrealityradio.com/past-shows/ or download wherever you access your podcasts

Check out the new YouTube feature by Candy Michlosky. She narrates a piece I wrote titled "Murder and Mayhem in Portlock, Alaska." I think it came out great!